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In 1988, Eddie Murphy re-teamed with "Trading Places" director, John Landis, to make his tour-de-force, multi-character playing masterpiece known as "Coming To America". It officially made Eddie a bonafide movie star and gave us one of the most memorable and most quoted comedy movies of the decade. On this episode, Tim Williams and guest co-host Ron West share their memories of this 80's classic and what they picked up on after re-watching it more recently.

Show Notes:
Here are some additional behind the scenes stories we didn't get to talk about during the episode.
John Landis is quoted as saying "What we discovered was that the makeup freed Eddie. Once he was in the makeup, he was just as fresh as when he was 19. In fact, the people who made The Nutty Professor said they loved working with Sherman Klump, but they hated working with Eddie Murphy.

Photographer Bruce McBroom, who's worked with Murphy on multiple films, said the actor "owned [a] character and inhabited it," and could maintain that persona as long as he was in costume. He notes that on Coming to America everyone thought Murphy was in a bad mood, but that he was just "playing that man who’s in a bad mood.”

Cuba Gooding, Jr. shot a scene in which his character (Boy Getting Haircut) tells Clarence that he does not have money to pay for his haircut. Clarence responds by cutting a patch out of the boy's hair. But to Gooding's disappointment, the scene was deleted.

The game that Akeem mentions to McDowell at the restaurant, between the Giants and Packers, actually happened on September 15, 1985. The Packers won 23-20.

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