March 31, 2023

#78 - Special: "Predator" (1987) Retro Life 4 U with Chris Adams Replay

#78 - Special:
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For the month of March, I am taking a break from recording new episodes so that I can highlight some of the other fantastic podcasts that I have had the privilege of being a guest co-host on.

This week, I will be replaying part of an episode of Retro Life 4 U with host Chris Adams.  Chris reached out to me last year to guest host on an episode about Chuck Norris and we hit it off immediately.  Chris loves the 80s and created Retro Life 4 U to talk about all things retro from the 2000s, the’90s, the ‘80s, and even the ‘70s if he’s feeling good. From “Dukes of Hazard” to “The Lord of the Rings Trilogy” he loves to reminisce about the greatest shows and movies from our childhoods.  So light up the cigars and crank up “Long Tall Sally” on the boombox as Chris Adams and I “get to da Choppa!” to discuss “Predator” from 1987 on this special “Retro Life 4 U” replay episode of the 80’s Flick Flashback!

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