Jan. 20, 2023

#74 - "Runaway Train" (1985) with J.B. Huffman from "Manly Movies" Podcast

#74 -

If you’re a fan of eighties action movies, you should know The Cannon Group. Run by Israeli cousins Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus, in the eighties they cranked out a slew of low-budget action movies, most of which were hated by critics. Yet, every once in awhile they made a legitimately great movie that would even make the critics sit up and take notice. One such as this 80’s flick directed by Andrei Konchalovsky (who later made "Tango & Cash") and based on a script by Akira Kurosawa who was a legendary filmmaker in his own right. So get yourself all greased up, jump onboard and then hold on tight as  Tim Williams and guest co-host JB Huffman from "Manly Movies" Podcast discuss “Runaway Train” from 1985 on this episode of the 80’s Flick Flashback Podcast!

Here are some additional behind the scenes trivia we were unable to cover in this episode:

  • The film is dedicated to the memory of Richard Holley. Helicopter pilot Rick Holley was killed in a helicopter crash during filming. According to the Alaska Rails website, "his helicopter hit a power line in the canyon north of Tunnel Section". This occurred on March 9, 1985 and was listed as "helicopter accident en route to Alaska filming location”.


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