April 29, 2022

#55 - "School Daze" (1988) with Tyra Williams

#55 -

Before "A Different World" came into its own. Before "Higher Learning" and "Dear White People" critiqued the fraught relationship between Black students and white students at predominantly white institutions. And before "grown-ish", there was this 80’s flick. Multi-talented Spike Lee’s sophomore feature took a critical look at Historically Black Colleges & Universities (aka HBCUs), revealing their beauty and complexity in a decade where Black faces seemed to be only an afterthought in mainstream media. So get ready to “WAKE UP” as Tim Williams and his guest co-host, wife and HBCU graduate, Tyra Williams, discuss “School Daze” from 1988 on this episode of the 80’s Flick Flashback Podcast!


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Intro & Outro Music: "Total Eclipse" by Nathaniel Wyver

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