March 29, 2023

BONUS: "The Best 80s Directors" Panel with Nicholas Pepin, Chad Sheppard, and Laramy Wells

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The 1980s were a transformational time for movies, with plenty of lesser-known debut directors being given creative freedom to make unique and innovative projects, many of which we still consider to be all-time classics today.  While some of those directors continued to excel into the 90s, others made their career-defining flicks in the 80s. But which one deserves the title of Best Movie Director of the decade?

So I have called upon a panel of 80s film aficionados to discuss our recent March Madness Bracket of 80s Directors.  Who won?  Who should have won? And who didn’t make the top 16 of the bracket?   Let’s find out on this special bonus episode of the 80s Flick Flashback Podcast!

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