Aug. 26, 2022

BONUS - "Back to the Beach" (1987) with Chad Sheppard


For those who were not born before 1962, the beach party movies were a series of chaste comedies in which clean-cut teen idols hung out on the beach, rode the big waves, necked a little and tried to defend their lifestyle against the old fogies who were always trying to ban rock 'n' roll. The financially successful teen movies were a tie between harmless and brainless. This 80’s Flick was a musical satire poking fun at those idols and the whole genre, but did it with a lot of good humor and with the full cooperation of the victims. So grab some sunscreen, your extra-long surfboard, and watch out for a random pajama party to break out as Tim Williams and guest co-host, Chad Sheppard, discuss “Back to the Beach” from 1987 on this special “Forgotten 80’s Flicks” episode of the 80’s Flick Flashback Podcast!

There are no additional behind the scenes trivia for this episode.


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