May 15, 2020

#4 - “War Games” (1983) with Chris McMichen

#4 - “War Games” (1983) with Chris McMichen

Released in June of 1983, “War Games” made young Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy movie stars while it irrevocably changed our views of how computers could work and what dangers “hacking” those computers could do to the national safety of our country.  A razor sharp script, stand out performances, and what was considered cutting edge technology at the time, “War Games” changed the way political thrillers have been made since. “Would you like to play a game?”

  • On this episode, Tim Williams and guest co-host, Chris McMichen, share their memories of this 80's classic, what they picked up on after re-watching it, and how hard it would be to reboot it with today's techonology.
  • Here are some additional behind the scenes stories we didn't get to talk about during the episode:
  • According to John Badham, the scene of the jeep trying to crash through the gate at NORAD and turning over was an actual accident. The jeep was supposed to continue through the gate. They added the scene of the characters running from the jeep and down the tunnel and used the botched jeep stunt.
  • When David makes a joke directed at his teacher about asexual reproduction the laughter heard afterwards is considered to be the rest of the kids in the classroom. But John Badham (director) said that some of the crew didn't know the punch line and laughed out loud during the scene. That laughter was left in the sound track, and if you listen closely you will hear what is clearly adults laughing out loud, rather than classroom sniggering.
  • In the original script NORAD ends up giving David a part-time job, and he works as McKittrick's assistant; just as McKittrick said he started out as Falken's assistant.
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