July 9, 2021

#34 - "Superman II" (1981) Crossover Episode with Laramy Wells ("Moving Panels" Podcast)

#34 -

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…a highly anticipated superhero sequel flick has a profound falling out due to creative differences between the movie studio producers and the original film’s director, resulting in that director being fired and a new director being brought in to reshoot scenes, re-edit the new and old footage, and generally lighten the tone with more humor. No, I’m not talking about the “The Justice League” fiasco from a few years ago. We are going all the way back to the early 1980s for this one! So hold on tight as Laramy Wells and I dig deep, or should I say go “up, up and away”, to discuss “Superman II” from 1981 for this special crossover episode with Moving Panels Podcast and the 80’s Flick Flashback! Here are some additional behind the scenes trivia we were unable to cover in this episode: The 1984, ABC Television broadcast of the film used over thirty minutes of footage deleted from the theatrical release, almost all directed by Donner. The ABC scenes include: Superman flying past the Concorde (intended for the first film), extra dialogue between Luthor and Otis in jail, extra dialogue between Luthor and Eve flying to and within the Fortress of Solitude, the death of the young boy trying to escape East Houston, Idaho, the soufflé, and scenes between Superman and Lois. Nearly fifteen minutes of extra footage with Gene Hackman included a pivotal scene in the Fortress, where Luthor begs forgiveness from Superman. While these scenes were included in the Australian theatrical release, subsequent television screenings there had them deleted. Sources: Wikipedia IMDB Rotten Tomatoes https://www.thecraggus.com/2021/04/09/superman-ii-1981-40th-anniversary-review/ Intro & Outro Music: "Total Eclipse" by Nathaniel Wyver Send us an email or reach out to us on social media to let us know what you liked, what you loved, what we may have missed, or what 80's movie we should watch next! Email - moviviewspodcast@gmail.com Facebook - Moviviews Presents 80's Flick Flashback Podcast (Fan Page) & Moviviews News & Reviews (Group Page) InstaGram - 80's Flick Flashback Podcast Twitter - @80s_podcast --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/moviviews80sff/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/moviviews80sff/support